Friday, April 13, 2012

Teaching the iGeneration

It is mid morning of day 2 at the Teaching the iGeneration workshop in Dallas, TX.  Day 1 was fast paced and filled with great Ed Tech information.  Bill Ferriter (@plugusin) is an engaging presenter with a wealth of resources and knowledge.  His presentation style is really cool in that we, the participants, are working hands on with the tips, tools, and ideas he is sharing with us.  What I am really enjoying about the workshop is that - at its core - it is about quality teaching first.  This is so what I was hoping for!

The idea that technology can be a useful and powerful tool in the classroom is widely accepted.  I like to think that I am pretty competent when it comes to new technology.  One lesson that I learned yesterday is that technology is faster than me!  It likely always will be.  I am also pretty sure that when it comes to using technology most of my students are also probably faster than me.  And that is OK!  But, my students are likely not maximizing connecting what they know about technology with how they are learning.  This is the area I want to target as their teacher - making their "toy" a component of their learning.

Buy Bill Ferriter's Book and attend his workshop if you're interested in...

1. Learning about or more about Twitter and other new Social Learning tools

  • I felt pretty comfortable with Twitter coming in and in the first hour of the workshop my knowledge and ability to leverage information on Twitter increased significantly.

2. Helping your students (or yourself professionally more on this later) work and learn collaboratively utilizing the web and in a way that mimics what they already do regularly in their social world.

3.  Dialoguing with other like minded motivated professionals about teaching AND technology.

Break is over the afternoon promises to good as we will begin working on a Unit.

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